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Review from the journal of the Adult Dyslexia Organisation

Marion has produced a systematic manual of 200 worksheets beginning from the basics of the alphabet and letter sounds and moving through vowel spelling to suffixes and syllable division.

Her methodology is based on introducing the rule (additional notes are provided for the guidance of the tutor) followed up by dictations of single words, sentences and revision. The material is well paced, the 200 worksheets are not overcrowded and much use is made of comic graphics. An introduction explains and expands multi-sensory techniques including sections on tracking, use of computers and a reading list.

This resource book is designed to be photocopiable and is very ‘user-friendly’.

Melanie Jameson, Dyslexia Consultant

These are unsolicited comments from recipients of the Resource Pack:

Superb resource materials. L.S.
Practical ideas and teaching tips. J.C.
Just what we need. Thank you. D.L.
It is so simple to follow. P.D.
I am just starting to teach….. It’s a lifesaver. H.K.
Why didn’t I learn like this at school? N.F.
It is a great help with my students – and my sons and daughter. J.D.