About the Resource Pack

In 1992 Marion Walker started an evening group specifically for dyslexic adults in response to calls on a national ‘Dyslexia Phone In’.  This was a support group, but included one to one tuition with a specially trained volunteer tutor.  To support the tutors a bank of resource material was devised.  This was constantly revised and expanded in response to feedback from both tutors and students.  News of this resource spread and Marion produced the Resource Pack in a form that could be used by other tutors and teachers.

The Resource Pack supports a structured, cumulative, multi-sensory language programme.  It starts with the basic tools of language and builds up a framework that supports and reinforces existing knowledge.  It is intended to be used sequentially, but can be used as a supporting resource for existing programmes.  Comprehensive notes and suggestions for using the worksheets are included at the beginning of each section.

It is just one strand of the ‘Three Strand’ programme of support for dyslexic people.  The other two strands are ‘immediate literacy needs’, and ‘understanding and finding strategies for coping with dyslexia’.  All three ‘strands’ need to be addressed for support to be effective.

Although intended for use with dyslexic people over 16, it has been used successfully in secondary schools and even some primary schools.  Over 2,000 Resource Packs are in use daily in schools, Adult Education Centres, Further Education and Higher Education Support Centres and in the Education Departments of prisons.

Added in 2005.

‘A Supplement to the Resource Pack’    

The Resource Pack for Tutors of students with Specific Learning Difficulties’ was always intended as a skeleton programme and structure into which a tutor could add appropriate and relevant material.  Busy tutors sometimes find it difficult to obtain age-appropriate material for the basics of language and spend valuable time inventing their own.  This pack of over 200 worksheets and extra resources may save some of that time..


The Resource Pack and Supplement are each available in a ring back file containing over 200 worksheets, with a photocopying licence, either for personal use or for use on one site – such as a college or centre.  These versions each cost £40.00.

In response to requests from institutions, colleges and peripatetic teachers, they are each available in CD format. The content is exactly the same as the pack, providing a useful back-up when pages go missing and they are also much lighter to carry around.  They need a computer that supports Windows 95 or higher, a CD slot and a printer.  Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 is included on the CDs for free down-loading.  The CD versions, either for personal use or for use on one site, cost £20.00 each.

Post and packing charges for the UK are included in all prices. Contact Marion, tel: (+44) (0)1564 779092 or email marion for P&P outside the UK.